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Class & Lecture Schedule 2019

Beginning Astrology Class

This class is designed to introduce students to the ancient intuitive art of astrology. We will discuss in detail the prime components of a horoscope – planets, signs, houses and aspects. The information will be presented with some attention to the history of astrology and various philosophies that have helped to establish this major tool for self-awareness, self-development and self-acceptance.

This class is offered through Community Services so there are no requirements to take the class nor any college credits earned for taking it. The class fee is $66.

Beginning Wednesday evening September 11, 2019 and continuing for six consecutive Wednesday evenings from 7-9 PM in room 1910 Bech Hall on the Santa Rosa JC campus

To register, call 707-527-4582 or register on–line at

Tuesday Nite Schedule

September - December 2019

September 3: The Stellium
September 10: Health and Body Parts in the Natal Chart
September 17: Sexuality in the Natal Chart
September 24: Ways out of the Twelfth House

Full Class List Coming Soon!

Held at New Horizons School
827 Third St., Santa Rosa, CA
7-9 PM Every Week
MP3 files of each class available ($5)

See the archive of past classes and purchase MP3s


Rio Olesky