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Classes & Lectures

Rio Olesky's Annual Astrological Evening

The recent United States’ election sent shock waves throughout the world. How and why was this the outcome? What is likely to happen as a result? Was this event a reaction to the planetary alignments of the mid-1960’s? How can we, individually and collectively, respond creatively to these events? To answer these questions Rio will discuss:

  • The ongoing influence of the Uranus-Pluto square
  • Pluto opposing the United States’ Sun and squaring US Saturn
  • The winter T-square involving Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto Saturn completing its journey through Sagittarius
  • Uranus contra-parallel (opposition) Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto
  • The second year of Saturn trine UranusVenus retrograde in Aries and Pisces

Join Rio as he delineates these and other important energy patterns. The focus of the talk will be on understanding the nature of these energies and learning how to work with them to enhance personal growth and consciousness development. He will also discuss how these energetic influences will affect us politically, economically and globally.

Date: Tuesday January 10, 2017
Time: 7-9 PM
Place: Luther Burbank Center, East Auditorium
Admission: $15 payable at the door

MP3s of the lecture will be available for sale @ $10 if attending or $15 if not attending
CDs of the lecture will also be available for sale. $15 if attending, $20 if not attending
Send checks for MP3s or CDs to PO Box 807, Forestville, CA 95436

Call 707-887-1820 if you need further informationWant to be on Rio’s email list? Email him at


If you have studied the basics of astrology and have a rudimentary understanding of the planets, signs and houses, this is the next step in your astrological education. In this class Rio will provide a practical, step by step way to understand the relative strength of each planet in a natal horoscope. He will discuss the nature of the aspects and how to work with them. Finding the strengths of a natal chart and working with them as well as discovering its challenges and how to work through them will be a focus as he teaches you how to interpret a natal horoscope. He will also discuss the principles of following and personalizing transits, progressions and solar arcs.

The class is offered through Community Education so there are no requirements to take the class nor any college credits earned for taking it. The class fee is $64..

Class to be held on Wednesday evenings, January 18-February 22, 2017 from 7-9 PM, 1910 Bech Hall at Santa Rosa Junior College.

To register, call 707-527-4372 or register on-line at

Tuesday Night Class Schedule

Purchase past class tapes. See archive.

January - April 2017

January 10: PERSPECTIVES 2017 (at Luther Burbank Center)
January 17: Greek and Roman Mythology in Relationship to Astrology
January 24: The Doctrine of Sects
January 31: Eclipses

February 7: The Most Evolved Expression of Each Sign
February 14: The Shadow Side of Each Sign
February 21: The Moon Opposite Neptune Natally and by Transit
February 28: Working Wedges

March 7: How To Interpret a Natal Chart
March 14: How to Interpret a Natal Chart
March 21: The Progressed Chart
March 28: Polar Planets

April 4: Fourth House Stelliums
April 11: Venus Retrograde
April 18: Chart Shapes
April 25: Personal Planets in Impersonal Houses

Held at New Horizons School
827 Third St., Santa Rosa, CA
7-9 PM Every Week
MP3 files of each class available ($5)


Rio Olesky